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Cambridge GIS

Directions from Route 2 East to Green Street Parking Garage.

1. The Concord Turnpike comes to an end at Alewife in Cambridge. When approaching the end of the Turnpike move into the right hand lane. (See map 1.) Route 2 East.
2. Follow traffic moving right onto the Alewife Brook Parkway (Route 2 East.) Pass the Alwife MBTA Station (Red Line) on the right. There is parking at Alewife and an MBTA train that goes right into Central Square. If you chose to drive continue reading.
3. Follow the Alewife Brook Parkway (Route 2 East) over the bridge passing the MBTA station on the right and the Fresh Pond Mall on the left. Continue until you reach a rotary. At the rotary take the second right.
4. Take the first right at the next rotary. You are now driving on the Fresh Pond Parkway. (See map 2.)
5. Follow the Fresh Pond Parkway for approximately 1.25 miles.
6. As the Parkway opens up into 3 lanes move to the left lane and prepare to make a left turn onto Memorial Drive (Route 2 East.) You will pass the Mount Auburn Hospital on the left and there will be signs for Memorial Drive. Take the left onto Memorial Drive.
7. Follow Memorial Drive (Route 2 East) for approximately 1.75 miles passing the Anderson and the Weeks Foot Bridge on the right.
8. Having left the Harvard University area the road will curve to the right.
9. Pass a garden center on the left at the corner of Memorial Drive and Western Avenue Bridge (See map 3.)
10. Take the next left onto River Street (there is a gas station on the corner of River Street and Memorial.)
11. Drive approximately 0.6 miles along River Street passing Cottage, William and Auburn Streets on the right. Be prepared to turn right.
12. Turn right onto Franklin Street. There is a church at the corner of Franklin and River St.
13. At the third stop sign take a left onto Brookline Street
14. Take the first left onto Green Street
15. Go through one stop sign and take a left into Green Street Parking Garage.

See Central Square map for details on getting to City Hall.